Sean Sadat Fills a Spare Place on Select Team

WICHITA, Kan. – The select bowling team at Wichita State University has a new member.

Sean Sadat secured a spot on the select team, from the developmental team mid-season, something that is an extremely rare occurrence. Sadat says, “Nobody gets moved up from developmental team. They always get moved down from select to developmental, so to get moved up for the first time in eight years is a really big honor.”


“Coach Vadakin was like, ‘do you have time to come to my office? It won’t take long.’…He brought me in and was like ‘I think you deserve this. You’ve proved yourself more than anybody, I feel like I would be ridiculous to not consider you as a key attribute to help us in the future, so would you like to be on select team?’”


Despite the honor, Sadat’s journey has by no means been a smooth one. He threw his first ball at age four, but did not take it up as a serious passion until age 16.


He attended Wharton County Junior College, University of Houston, and West Texas A&M before arriving at Wichita State University, where he is now a Junior. That’s three schools, and three different bowling teams to integrate into.


Now, at Wichita State University, he is given a place to grow. At WSU his bowling team is separated into two parts: developmental and select. Sadat started out on developmental. Sadat explains that being on the developmental team means “they weren’t selected or they haven’t proved themselves yet. Because there’s some very good people, some people that even make Team USA, that are on developmental team. Before tryouts even start, they have people selected to the starter team. So they have maybe three spots that they save for tryouts for people to prove themselves.”


Luckily, he found a home at Wichita State University, and a team that he feels comfortable doing what he loves. It’s the people that drew him to bowling, and kept him interested in the sport. “I became absorbed into the bowling society…it was just a thing to do to hang out with people…a lot of awesome people bowled”


Being surrounded by both a world renowned team and a reputation of over 20 national championships, no one merely saunters into a top spot.


For Sadat the journey moving up teams was less than smooth. He previously injured his ring finger in tryouts and ended up having to bowl the beginning few tournaments with two of the usal three fingers required for performance.


Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Sadat is not his bowling career, but his emphasis on teammates. This emphasis is shown in the praise his teammates give him.


Ryan Kendall (‘19), developmental team member says, “…whenever someone needs him, here’s there, which is probably part of the reason he’s a really good teammate”


Derek Vonarx (‘19), developmental team member says, “Sean is the type of guy that would sacrifice his own desires for the benefit of others. He never does anything if he feels like he can’t include everyone.”


That’s what bowling was originally designed for, the connection between people. That original intention has luckily carried over into the collegiate competitive sphere.


The next select team tournament is Feb. 16-18, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN.

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