Celebrating an International Tennis Team

WICHITA, Kan. – The American Athletic Conference welcomes a diverse Wichita State University’s women’s tennis team.

Before the WSU women’s tennis team was included in the AAC, they won the Missouri Valley Conference nine years in a row. The team attributes this success to their coaches, Head Coach Colin Foster and Assistant Coach Kewa Foster.

“What I like is our coaches,” says Sandra Honigova, a junior from the Czech Republic, “I don’t feel pressure from them which gives me confidence on the court and in matches and I can perform the best that I can. I don’t feel pressure if I win or if I lose and that is important because I can compare them to other coaches that are sometimes very negative of players.”

This year there are eight motivated and strong players on the women’s tennis team. While most teams would focus solely on practice, this team is different. They acknowledge the importance of group activities outside of practice, partly due to the team having many international players.

Head Coach Colin Foster (right) and Assistant Coach Kewa Foster (left) watching over their team at the match against Kansas State University on April 13. This pair continues to encourage the team.

Colin Foster explains how his coaching is unlike many others, “as a coach I try to have a good balance between, you know, working on things as a team and having the team altogether to practice, but also having some more like individual type practices, so that the players can focus on what is important for their games.”

Alexandra Lazarova, a freshman from Slovakia says, “I think our coaches are really nice and we couldn’t ask for more. When I got here for my first time my impression was about the team and about the coaches. I think our team is trying to do a lot of fun things besides tennis.”

Colin and Kewa Foster and their highly nationally ranked team understand that tennis is a global sport with many facets, so he looks for more in his players than skill. With a long history of having an international team, he expects an inclusive dynamic where all of the international students feel at home.

“The whole athletic department supports all of the student athletes really well. We want them to grow as athletes, and to grow as students and to grow as people, so I think we try to balance these things and really create just a good environment,” says Colin Foster.

The Wichita State women’s tennis team will be playing in the American Championship which will be held on Wednesday, April 18 through Saturday, April 21 in Dallas.

You can follow the team on Twitter: @goshockerswten

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