Kyle Pepper: the assistant director of development

WICHITA, Kan. – Kyle Pepper, the assistant director of development serves as a key member of the fundraising team. Pepper implements and manages student athletic programs for Wichita State University. With this role, Pepper interacts with the Director of Athletics, Vice President for Alumni Relations, varsity head and assistant coaches, as well as student-athletes. Pepper’s position acts as a main resource for athletic events.

“I really enjoy college athletics,” Pepper said. “That passion in student-athletes keeps me motivated for my job.”

Pepper outlined his enthusiasm for his position comes from the athletes that are playing for the passion of the game.

“I call it purity,” Pepper said. “That gets me excited — people who truly love the game not for the money or the fame, it’s for the love of the game.”

Pepper said his motivation stems from his love for helping WSU student-athletes. He hopes the things he does on a daily basis helps each student-athlete get the funds they need for scholarships and fundraisers to help improve the student-athlete experience.

“The opportunities student-athletes get through scholarships, through being able to play sports, then get an education is motivation in itself,” Pepper said.

Pepper stated having a successful athletic event is when you have two teams that play their hearts out. They play for the love of the game, play for their teammates and play for their program, theirs nothing else they’re playing for accept for the love.

“Having athletes love the game for what it is helps me do my job better,” Pepper said. “Keeping coaches around, being able to pay them that amount of money, fundraise and keeping them in those kids lives, because it’s going to make a positive impact not just for now, but down the line — those type of things keep me motivated.”



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