Mackenzie Wright

WICHITA, Kan. – Mackenzie Wright, number ten on the softball team at Wichita State University, loves the feeling of playing ball. Wright’s responsibility is to play third base and be the leadoff hitter for the Shockers. Wright’s batting average this year is just shy of .400.

“When my team and I are all playing well together and winning is when I’m most joyful,” Wright said.

Wright is glad she has gained experience, vocal leadership and confidence from playing softball.

“I played a lot of different positions growing up,” Wright said. “I tried every single position until I found the one I was good at.”

Wright said her passion for softball started as a child and has developed from practicing every day in college.

“I just loved going to practice every day,” Wright said.

Wright thrives off fastballs that come her way; she says it’s a challenge to apply all that she knows on the field to be the best that she can be.

“In college, you get to practice all the time, so it helps me better myself,” Wright says.

Third base is a reaction position, so keeping a strict focus on the ball as well as having good body position is required.

When asked what makes a successful team Wright said, “A successful team is a cohesive group of athletes that can be successful by knowing each persons individual strengths to make the best team possible.”



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