Women’s Tennis Partners with Pando Initiative



WICHITA, Kan. – Wichita State Women’s tennis is making a difference in the local community with their involvement in the Pando Initiative program at Cloud Elementary.  The diverse international team encourages students at Cloud every Friday during the school year through buddying up with them and helping them with their school and life.


“It is Really important for kids to have some good people and Good mentors in their life,” states freshman Alexandra Lazarova. “We can show and explain them so many things in the right way, but also have fun with each other by playing games.”


The team partners with Pando Initiative, a nonprofit based out of Wichita KS, focused on engaging with students to maximize their potential in both academics and personal growth.


The friendships developed by the player with the students by the players usually outlast the semester and over the years, a deep relationship is established.


“Our players come from around the world and are at university here and can open the students’ eyes up to future possibilities, listen to their problems, help them with their homework, or just have fun and be silly.”


Sandra Honigova, a Junior at Wichita State, expressed that “the interaction between us and the children is very interesting because they can see people from different countries in their own culture.”


Partnering with the Pando Initiative has been beneficial to both the tennis team and the students in which they engage with.


Honigova included, “It’s always a special moment for us in just the 45 minutes we’re with them and I feel they are really happy with us”

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